• Ballots for election of ISBA officers coming soon

    ISBA members should watch their email inbox this week for messaging from the ISBA including a ballot for the election of ISBA officers serving for the 2022-2023 fiscal year. The ISBA Board of Governors voted on nominees for the new officer positions for the 2022-2023 year during the spring quarterly meeting. On the ballot, you will see that the current Vice President Ian Russell was nominated as the president-elect nominee and Melvin Shaw was nominated as incoming vice president.

    During the annual meeting, current ISBA President Anjela Shutts will be turning over the presidency to ISBA President-elect Henry Hamilton III. The person in the role of president-elect automatically ascends to serve as president for the next year.

    The ballot will also include the ISBA BOG nominee re-elected for ABA Delegate, David L. Brown. There are currently four ABA Delegates designated in Iowa. David L. Brown and Jane Lorentzen are delegates designated as representatives of the ISBA. Both serve two-year terms with alternating years for re-election. Alan Olson is the current ABA delegate for the State of Iowa, serving a four-year term, and Kay Oskvig is the ISBA Young Lawyers Division ABA delegate.