• ISBA makes it easier for attorneys to do Limited Scope Representation

    New forms are now available on IowaDocs to assist you with practicing Limited Scope Representation (LSR).

    Due to increasing client demand for LSR, the Access to Justice Commission recently released a tool kit to help attorneys navigate the rules for providing limited scope service, which includes written agreements and notices to protect the client and the attorney. The ISBA is now including both the tool kit and all related forms in the newest version of IowaDocs.

    Forms include:
    • Limited Scope of Service Agreement
    • Notice of Limited Appearance Pursuant to IRCP 1.404(3)
    • Notice of Completion of Limited Appearance Pursuant to IRCP 1.404(4)
    • Completion of Representation Letter

    To take advantage of these new forms, make sure you update your IowaDocs program today. The ISBA has also recently added information about limited-scope legal services on its website.