• Reminder: ISBA policy on postings to listserves, social media

    The ISBA has a long-standing policy which generally provides that it is impermissible to upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise make available on the association’s listserves or social media outlets any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising/ promotional materials – including non-ISBA sponsored CLE programs – or any other form of solicitation. The policy applies to attachments as well.

    The ISBA routinely receives requests from law-related nonprofit organizations looking for assistance in promoting their CLE and other education events. While the ISBA supports the valuable work of these organizations, it must limit its resources to promotion of non-ISBA events unless it is a designated partner of a particular event. Requests for promotion of nonprofit CLE events will be handled initially in the same manner as a commercial CLE event; the ISBA Communications Department and/or the executive director will discuss the various options for purchasing access to ISBA members such as advertising in The Iowa Lawyer magazine or the Iowa Lawyer Weekly electronic newsletter.

    Nonprofit organizations may submit news items to the ISBA for consideration in one of the ISBA’s publications. The decision to publish remains within the discretion of the ISBA. In addition, the ISBA may use discretion in offering advertising space discounts to nonprofit organizations.

    The ISBA does not sell or distribute its members’ email addresses to any non-ISBA groups, agencies, institutions, associations, or vendors for any commercial, political or informational purposes.