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Importance of pre-writing and post writing measures in essay writing

There are several types of academic writing, and each essay has a great unique significance. Students need to learn essay writing skills from essay writer and predefined rules to create top-notch writing pieces. Usually, the students at the initial stage of academic writing complain that they fail to score the desired grades despite following academic writing rules and regulations. It happens when the students ignore the importance of pre-writing and post-writing measures. 

In this article, we will highlight the importance of pre-writing measures and post-writing measures in essay writing. Both factors play a vital role in making the text error-free and presentable. 

Usually, the students consider following the process of pre-writing and post writing measures a time-consuming task to perform. That is why they ignore the importance of both particular factors. Students need to understand that following post writing measures and pre-writing measures along with other academic writing rules are compulsory for students. 

The pre-writing and post writing measures make it possible for an author to create an error-free and presentable writing piece. Sometimes, minor mistakes like spelling errors and grammatical mistakes ruin the entire writing effort of an essay writer. The pre-writing and post writing measures urge an essay writer to look deeply into the assigned topic's statement before putting pen to paper and after composing a detailed writing piece. 

Usually, the students try to adopt shortcuts to complete the assigned essay writing tasks. The students do so because they consider creating deep-dyed writing pieces a tedious task to perform. Especially, a neophyte writer finds it hard to write a detailed writing piece. An inexperienced scribbler wonders what tips and tricks I should adapt to write my essay for me in the allocated time. It is expedient to mention here that students must strictly follow all the rules and regulations related to essay writing, especially pre-writing and post writing measures.

Whether a student is writing several essays on various demonstration speech ideas or is being assigned to create a detailed writing piece on the narrative essay, he should know that it has to develop an absolute understanding of the assigned topic. 

Here are the components of pre-writing measures so that the students can understand its importance.

  • Brainstorming

It is one of the most important actors of pre-writing measures. It assists the students to put their heads down and focus on the assigned topic only. Mostly, the students at the initial stage of essay writing make a common mistake of straightforwardly putting pen to paper. In this particular process, the author looks more deeply into the meaning of the topic's statement than its subtle meaning.

As soon as a scribbler commences a thinking process, it provokes a large number of scattered thoughts in the writer's minds, among which a few of them are relevant while the others are irrelevant or not tightly linked with the topic. 

  • Research

As you all know, essay writing is not merely putting pen to paper. Instead, it requires the students to create a detailed, engaging, and compelling writing piece. For this purpose, the students have to research the topic to collect enough and especially unique knowledge about the topic's statement. 

  • Targeting the audience

Every student tries its level best to make the write my essay compelling and readable. For this particular purpose, the students use various methods to make the text fascinating, intriguing, and exciting to allure the readers' interest in the topic. Doing so is a challenging task, especially when the students have to create a rhetorical analysis essay as a student cannot involve sensory details in this specific genre of essay writing. 

An essay composer must collect information about the audience that it is going to target. The information includes age, gender, educational qualification, and specifically, the readers' area of interest. 

Let's now throw light on the post writing measures of academic writing.

As its name implies, the post writing measures are the ones that demand the essay writers to correct any mistake related to spellings, grammar, or sentence structuring. There are several components of post writing measures. Let's briefly discuss all of them bit by bit.

  • Proofreading

It is a post writing measure that requires an essay writer to read the entire text once a writer completes writing a whole essay. It demands a scribbler to read the thorough writing piece and remove any mistake if it finds it. Proofreading is the process of overcoming or erasing any error related to typos or grammar. Even the professional essay writers make some spelling mistakes while creating a more extended writing piece.

  • Editing

As its name indicates, this section of post writing measure urges the students to reread the entire essay and observe whether the sentences are easily readable or not. If a writer finds out a sentence or even a whole paragraph is hard to read, it should rewrite it. In short, the editing process pushes a writer to make the text readable.

  • Revising

It is another section of academic writing. It demands the author to revise the entire writing piece once more before submitting the writing assignment. Its primary watchword is the same as proofreading and editing have. It is like giving the final touch to submit an error-free writing document to the authorities. Usually, the students ignore this special section of post writing measure and contemplate it as the secondary part of a free essay writer while it has equal importance to other essay-writing factors.

Students must give maximal importance to pre-writing and post writing measures while completing the essay writing task. Otherwise, the chances are high that the students may ruin their entire essay writing effort. 

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